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We believe that design sits at the very core of true brand success, and our collaborative approach ensures great ideas come to life while keeping our client’s end goal in mind.


Our goal is to help express our client’s vision seamlessly by crafting custom design solutions across all platforms. Our expertise in typography and illustration guide our design process across print and environmental, branding and identity, and web design.

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Visual Identity

Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

We provide branding  to various individuals and companies to help make a polish mark for their business. Here are few examples of branding utilizing our services of photography, graphic design, web design, and visuals to create a cohesive look for our clients.


“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”  - Jeff Bezos

A visual identity is the visual aspect of branding that businesses create in order to evoke the certain feelings and experiences with the brand.


It includes anything visual that your brand produces such as logo design, fonts, photos, and any other visuals that you use to communicate your brand. One big mistake business owners make is thinking that branding is simply just making a logo. While it is a part of it, branding goes far beyond a logo. Your visual identity is part of your branding that communicates the overall message, values, and promise of your brand through anything that is visual.

A great brand starts with a custom logo. that makes your business stand out. will do quick and affordable.

Staying consistent takes effort, and more importantly, it takes rules. That’s where brand guidelines come in. They transfer one more set of details you have to remember and put them in a shareable master document.

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J&C Advertising was developed on the notion of the "helping hand". J&C truly expresses an interest in our clients projects, and does what's necessary to make advertising easy. It is our duty to constantly produce quality, affordable, and environmentally responsible products every single time.